At Azar Electric you will find a large variety of Audio, Video and Multimedia home entertainment appliances from the basic to the very hi-tech devices and appliances. There is an item for every budget and a wide choice from well known high quality German brands such as Siemens and Telefunken to Original Japanese brands such as Hitachi, Sanyo and Aiwa to Korean brands such as Samsung & LG.

Please check out our new range of TV & Camcorders from TechniSat, Germany. The TV sets have amazing new features such as satellite TV & Radio reception, VGA interface and other exceptional built in features.

Appliance Type
Available Brands
Televisions TechniSat, Telefunken, Hitachi, Aiwa, LG, Samsung
VCR (Recorders/Players) Telefunken, Hitachi, Aiwa, LG, Samsung
Stereo HiFi Hitachi, Aiwa, LG, Samsung
DVD Players Hitachi, Aiwa, LG, Samsung
Camcorders TechniSat, Hitachi, Samsung
Small Appliances (Walkman, Recorders, Others) Hitachi, Aiwa, LG, Samsung

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